Revolutionary Music

  • Che Guevara
    Che Guevara [audio:|titles=Che Guevara]
  • Juan Chacon
    Juan Chacon [audio:|titles=Juan Chacon]
  • Casas de Carton
    Casas de Carton [audio:|titles=Casas de Carton]
  • Sombrero Azul
    Sombrero Azul [audio:|titles=Sombrero Azul]
  • "Wage a Mighty Struggle" - lyrics!
    (Wage a Mighty Struggle is the unofficial anthem of CISPES) Verse 1: Juntas can be bought and sold with guns and luxury; But the people of El Salvador will not take slavery. The people of El Salvador have taken up the gun; And now they’ve got the imperialists and their puppets on the run, So… … Continue reading Revolutionary Music

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