Radical Roots delegation

In June 2010, CISPES sponsored a delegation of eight Salvadoran youth on a trip back to El Salvador. This delegation was designed to re/connect young Salvadorans raised abroad with their Salvadoran history, culture, and with El Salvador’s current social and political realities.  Video produced by Nicola Chávez-Courtright. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9j92mG_Mis

CISPES prepares to defend the vote in the 2009 elections

“Unidos por el Cambio” was a CISPES promotional video (produced by Jason Wallach) in the lead-up to the 2009 elections in El Salvador.  CISPES was on it’s way to bringing one of the largest elections observing delegations since 1994 to El Salvador for the March presidential elections, and this video captured the energy in CISPES’s campaign to stop US intervention and support the Salvadoran social movement in defending the vote.

CISPES challenges US intervention and dirty campaign in 2004 Salvadoran Elections

The 2004 CISPES video “Confronting Empire: Hope, Fear and US Intervention in the 2004 Salvadoran Elections”

Confronting Empire: Hope, Fear and US Intervention in the 2004 Salvadoran Elections from cispes on Vimeo.

El Salvador: NOT for Sale – CISPES campaign video

This campaign video captured the onslaught of neoliberalism in El Salvador in the late 1990s and the growing resistance of the social movement and the FMLN.  CISPES played a key role in highlighting the negative effects of free trade, privatization, and the rise of the sweatshops industry. As the new millennium began, solidarity continued to play a key role in combating US policies in Central America.

El Salvador: NOT for Sale – CISPES video, 2001 from cispes on Vimeo.