Give Peace a Dance!

Give Peace a Dance was an event organized by the Bay Area CISPES chapter that raised over $100,000  in 1986 and 1987. Set up as a dance marathon, over 3000 dancers participated each year. In 1986, the winning team in the team dance competition part of the night was “Somos Homos,” with “Thanks but No Tanks” coming in a close second.

One thought on “Give Peace a Dance!”

  1. Wow! “Somos Homos” that’s amazing! long live the history of radical queers in CISPES. and goooo killer fundraising!

    at Summer Camp this year we watched footage from the Pentagon Protest. At the massive planning session at ‘All Souls Church’ they did a shout out of all the groups and affinity groups representing cities across the east and Midwest.

    The best shout-out was a gay group that dropped a banner that said “Get out. Come out. And Stay out” Later in the shout-out session one woman yelled “If you want to join our group meet us at the corner of X and X.”

    That’s right, 10% is not enough: recruit, recruit, recruit!

    We got to get this video up!

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